Become a Mentor

Becoming a mentor for Techstars Startup Weekend is an incredible opportunity to give back to your community and help aspiring entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful businesses. As a mentor, you’ll have the chance to share your experience and expertise with a group of passionate and driven individuals who are eager to learn and grow. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with other mentors and industry leaders, expanding your network and gaining valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in your field.

Your responsibilities as a mentor will include offering guidance and feedback to teams, sharing your knowledge and expertise, and providing encouragement and support to participants throughout the weekend. You’ll work closely with other mentors, judges, and organizers to ensure that each team has the resources they need to succeed. Above all, you’ll serve as a role model and source of inspiration, helping participants develop the skills and mindset they need to thrive as entrepreneurs. By becoming a mentor for Techstars Startup Weekend, you’ll make a lasting impact on the lives of aspiring entrepreneurs and help shape the future of innovation and entrepreneurship in your community.